It is a well-known fact that the natural resources of our planet are used up faster than they can be replenished. We, as a company, are expected to take our corporate social responsibility (CSR). And this is something both we and our shareholders DOC and Volac take very seriously.

In the setup and layout of the Dairy Park Hoogeveen in 2003/2004, sustainability has been taken into account as an important element. Whey processing is linked to cheese production, preventing any additional transport costs. The Dairy Park has its own power supply both for DOC and DVN. Through high-efficiency cogeneration, electricity and steam is generated. The condensate that is produced in processing the whey, is reused as process water; the surplus heat is reused for heating purposes in the process itself but also for heating office space. In addition, all construction work has been carried out in compliance with the latest efficiency insights.

DOC and Volac have their own sustainability policy. It is important for DVN to make the transition to the strategy of our partners. We want to achieve a good balance between “profit, people & planet” by the production of better products, to improve health, with an improved ecological footprint and improved value propositions.